Sunday, 27 May 2012

PIPOP for Boys!

Boys outfit made by PIPOP since my son kept asking me that he wanted to try on clothes as well, whenever I made new clothes for his sisters..I felt soo pity on him. So, I try my best making boys clothes..
I have been sewing for girls for a while now and my one and only son kept asking me when will be his turn to try on a shirt sewn by me, in his own language that only me can understand =).
So after a shopping and searching for boys printed fabric, I chose this checked blue tones pattern fabric. I traced one of his Jubah but make a set of pyjama with a pair of trousers instead. The original design is the same with the V-shape neck. Actually the neck is the reason why I chose the Jubah as the chosen design. The neck shape is almost the same as a kimono style neck and looks very masculine hihi... =)

New hair cut by mama and new pyjamas made by mama too! Super MAMA yeayy!!

Another shirt was made using Indian cotton fabric. High cut shirt and a spongy Pooh picture sewn on the pocket. Love it! He wears this shirt right away after I finished sewing it in the middle of the night and of course he loves it! ~~
That's all for now..he's happy and I'm happier!!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Mama’s Jubah

Allahumma solli 'ala saiyidina Muhammad
Special for my mother, she request a jubah too. A simple V-neck, cuffed sleeves, plain green fabric for bodice and thick hemline. She loves it! Alhamdulillah..
I love my mother Pn. Zainon Abdul..

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Jubah

After a while sewing for others I really need something for myself. So out of my fabric collection, I have chosen this jersey/lycra fabric which is very soft and cool with pink and purple tones. I trace a pattern of my available jubah and change it a little here and there to suit my needs. I made the sleeves in two colours halfway down to the elbow.
For embellishment I sew a readymade embroidered sequin flower on the lowered waistline. Finally, an elastic cuffed sleeves finished the Jubah.
Simple yet nice.. =)


Friday, 18 May 2012

Purple Dreaming

In the name of Allah the most Merciful and the Most Compassionate
Today I would like to share with you Purple Dreaming dress size 4 for Najwa. Her mother had ordered a heel height dress with short sleeves and a big dark purple flower on the front bodice. The fabric was chosen from PIPOP store at the available fabric facebook album. FYI this fabric is Italian viscose.
I made an A-line skirt in two tiers with ruffles along the second tier line. The waistline is sewn with yellow knit fabric and on the centre it is embellished with big purple flower. At first I already made a big flower, but after some time, I had new information that Najwa looove BIG flower so I asked her mother if she wants a bigger flower and she certainly says yes! So the new flower is here..surely you can see he difference right? What an upgrade! hihi..

Other details are, Purple Dreaming dress has puffed sleeves and round neck with zippered at the back. That's all for now...see you then!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

PIPOP Kitty Dress

This post is about refashion a shirt to a dress. These two yellow t-shirts have three kittens figure sewn on the body. I love the bright yellow colour and of course the kittens, because they are so cute. But since the shirt is not pink hah~~ my two princesses doesn't wear it as much as I would love them to. So, after some rearranging of their clothes, I took out these shirts and put it in my sewing room for further refashion.
Only now that I have the time to do something for my loved ones after so many order before (alhamdulillah..). I let them chose the fabric and they had chosen this bright red swiss cotton fabric that I had used to make these dresses before:

The skirts were two tiered where the first tier is a fit to the shirt size but the second tier is gathered which you can see that the results is not as any usual gathered skirt. Next was, I sew on the back waistline, an elastic, just to fit the shirt bodice. I do it because the original shirt is not a fitted shirt but a loose one so, it was not so pretty that my daughters wears the finished dress very loosely.
What more satisfied than seeing my daughters wears the dresses straight after I finished sewing it! =) and a bonus.. that they really loved them!!
To this date that I write this post, they had wears it more than 5 times in about two weeks. Another job well done =)


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Peach Green Garden

This is a size 4 blouse, made using cotton fabric that has some textures on it. It is a very sweet peach colour and has cute characters on it and some 'Green Garden' wording. So that's how this blouse got its name =)
It is an A-line blouse, with rectangle neck. This is my first attempt with rectangle neck and I love the result because it gives a very smart looks at each angles of the rectangle. The only drawback is the neck opening is too wide (at least for me) so I added some elastics on the back part of the neck opening. Maybe next time I should lessen the calculation.
The sleeves were puffed, there are bias tape sewn on the hem line of the bodice and I added U-shape ruffles on the chest. For extra special, a twirling peach bias tape was sewn on the centre of the ruffles. Can you see how the bias was twirled around? Love it!
PIPOP Raihan

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Suria Suraya

This is a size 2 dress and was made special for Suraya, daughter of Alia Huda (my cousin). Alia wanted a dress designed like Stripy Red Garden dress, and using fabric ala burberry. I don't have that kind of fabric printing in my hands at that time but I do have some checker one, so out of a limited sources (sorry..) she did pick one.
I coupled the chosen fabric with this tiny red flowers fabric as the neck and dress floor. After finishing the dress I added a silk brown flower and sewn it with green square sequins. I love the outcome.. a very modest yet sweet dress and I named it Suria Suraya from a song named "Suraya" that sounds 'Suraya..seperti mana kau dan mentari..'
PIPOP Raihan

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mardhiah and Maisarah’s GreenRibbonDress

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Graceful
This fabric was bought just before I met Ama (Rahmatul Hidayah) and she chosen it to make a dress for her daughters each. I myself fell in love with the printing of this fabric on the first sight. I really think I want to tell you the story..
As usual.. I went straight to the cotton section when I'm buying fabric for my girls and PIPOP. I'm quite frustrated with the shopping session this time because I couldn't find pretty fabric printing that catches my eyes. So in my way back, I stumbled onto this fabric and I put my finger to the fabric, rubbing it.. between my fingers.. just to feel the fabric condition (like I always do when I pass to any group of fabric).
And I am so surprised that the feels is so similar to cotton but with added coolness. It's not like normal baju kurung fabric such as polyester, crepe, chiffon etc. And it's called viscose. I promptly asked the workers to cut the fabric, along with 3 other fabric printing from this viscose fabric group.
I called this fabric green grass, because it has such a very pretty and catchy green colour, with small flower with so many colours, which make this fabric printing such a very colourful and sweet product.
Sure enough, this fabric is the one chosen by Ama for her daughters' dresses. I know that I would too.. and the results can be seen at this PIPOP page
My next meeting on that day was with K.Roz, and this fabric was again chosen to be her two daughters' next dresses.
Mardhiah was there too, I showed her My Ribbon Dress, and she loved it. But since K.Roz wants two dresses from the same fabric pattern, she ordered new dresses from PIPOP. Mardhiah wants a ribbon in front of the dress, but after I finished sewing GreenGreenGrass Dress and published it on PIPOP facebook, she saw the dresses I made for Amani and Asfa, Mardhiah told her mom that she wants something-like-belt on the waistline along with the ribbon.
K.Roz wants a short sleeve and a heel-length skirt. So, with those specific design requested by mother and daughter, the Green Ribbon Dress were finished!

Mardhiah wears the dress right away, after she received it. While for Maisarah..she doesn't have a clue of what she was wearing =) but still.. she's so cute! And the dresses too~~
PIPOP Raihan

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