Thursday, 18 October 2012

SOLD!! Purple Polka Dress

This dress is the same design with the Sweet Black Dress but I used different material and I had sewn some embellishment on the front bodice.


The height of the skirt dress is below the knee. Bias tape was sewn on neck finishing and skirt hem.

Organza rose flowers and beads that I had bought readymade was sewn on the front bodice for extra sweetness of the dress. The polka dot printing is very sweet in various colours. It will sure looks beautiful and surely comfortable on your daughter/niece/granddaughter/little angels and everybody's sweethearts..


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nur’s Flower Girl Dress

Fully lined bodice. Sleeveless. Satin bodice and skirt. Organza fabric outline skirt, sewn with small ribbon flowers. All works were done twice (fully lined bodice and double layer skirt) means that the workmanship fee was supposed to be doubled, but I did not take that much...after all it was my cousin's wedding =)

The smmallest and the largest (Size 0 and 8) 

Belt: ironed and sewed with interfacing. Tie the belt at the back to form cute ribbon =)

Star buttons (mixed colours) at the back bodice

*before the event.. HappY!! They really can't wait to wear the dresses!!

The Day! =) dreaming.. ~~
and Najwa is the only one focused to the camera hah~~and her mother back there =)
I love the ribbon tied at the's so..cute**
..last but not least.. the cutest flower girl, Siska, carried by her aunty.. if you can spot her =)

..and of course the princesses need to eat.. CAKE!

Everything was colourful..happy..joyful..exciting..and feels like in the fairy tales..

..don't forget to praised to Allah.. Alhamdulillah..


Monday, 15 October 2012

Aisyah’s Green Stripy Dress

Here is the other dress piece made for Aisyah. She already received and really loves all the three pieces.
The dress were using the same design and material, but different in fabric printing. Enjoy!



Sunday, 14 October 2012

FOR SALE!! Sweet Black Dress

This dress was made on September but I only had the chance to post it here today..
The height of the skirt dress is below the knee. Bias tape was sewn on neck finishing and skirt hem.
Crystal clear buttons on the front bodice.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Stripy Red Aishah

Allahumma solli 'ala saiyidina Muhammad
This dress was made for Aishah daughter of Pn. Jumasiah Arsyad from Putrajaya. She had previously purchased Stripy Purple II from PIPOP. She's very happy because Aishah loooove the dress very much.
So, another order was made to PIPOP, making a dress for Aishah, same pattern as the Stripy Purple II. This dress was made using cotton viscose for the skirt and Japanese cotton for the neck. Pn. Ju requested cotton viscose because she wanted a dress also using the same material as the Stripy Purple II.
Cotton viscose fabric is a very soft and cool fabric and it's a little heavier than Japanese cotton, if you use it to make a skirt, it will results in a skirt that drop down freely. The feel of the material on your skin is very comfy.
This is the first dress named Stripy Red Aishah

Bias fabric on arm finishing and skirt hem.

Plate neck with orange buttons, diagonally sewn on it.


Finally,  decided to add some decoration around the neck, see it down here =) look how the camera and lighting change the colour of the dress. But in real, the colour is more bright.
Another piece is coming soon!
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