Friday, 21 September 2012

SOLD!! Garden in Green Dress


English Cotton and cotton viscose combined to make this dress.
For SALE! Size 4 (RM36)
The stripy fabric is cut to make bias tape which was sewn as the finishing for the sleeves, skirt hem and neck.

Ruffles are sewn around the neck.. so sweet =)
Buttons sewn at the back bodice.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Love and Blue Dress

New clothe from new material (cotton), newly bought before hari raya. Now that I have the time to continue sewing =). I am very excited to sew because these new fabrics batch are all very bright and sweet in colour.
This new dress I named Love and Blue because of when u r in love, u are always in the blue.. right? =) and of course the fabrics chosen does have to do with love and blue.

Short puffed sleeves, and down to the heel skirt.

Close up of the back bodice. Buttons at back, and bias tape for the neck finishing.

alhamdulillah..even this dress was ready made but it's already sold!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Baby Blue Blouse~ Refashion

The original blouse that was not too suitable for my growing girls especially the sleeveless part. But why do I bought it in the first place? hmmmm..?? maybe bcoz it's too cute and irresistible! especially the light blue sweet ~~

A shirred front bodice blouse with a high-cut waistline and no sleeves were upgraded with English Cotton fabric with flowers print. Long sleeves were added to modest the blouse and short skirt were added to lengthen the waistline as well as for fun =)


Close-up photo of the finished blouse. I can't imagine how would this finished blouse cost me if I were to buy it originally as this piece. Very satisfied with what I've done..alhamdulillah..


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