Saturday, 28 April 2012

Love Dress

In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful
I love the fullness of this Love Dress. I named it after those 3 two-layer love appliqué. The appliqué was sewn in the middle of the love shape which made it look like its flying! =)
Well.. love is in the air..=))
This dress was actually made in a rush because we were invited to a birthday party in last minute. I design this dress to match an available dress that was embellished with the same flying love appliqué. But why?
Because.. the party was to celebrate two sisters, 3 and 1 y.o. This love dress was made for the 1 y.o. birthday girl. I couldn't quite remember their names though =(
Okay, back to the Love Dress..
The dress was shirred on the bodice, the shoulder strap was slightly gathered on the joining with the bodice piece, and a butterfly sleeves was added to the straps.. As you can see, the shoulder straps were made with a stripy pattern fabric, and this is also used on the skirt floor. This stripy fabric is a bit robust, when it's doubled on the floor skirt, it makes the skirt to stay full. And I can say that this is one of the beauties of this dress.
Hopefully the birthday girls are happy with their presents from us, that made by me, presenting PIPOP. That's all for now..see you all later insyaAllah..



  1. What a pretty dress! I would love to try something like this.

    1. Thank u.. I've visited your blog and your works are all great too!

  2. This Love Dress is featured in link party with shwin and shwin down here at no.37


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