Monday, 30 July 2012

Peach Layer Skirt


Two sizes dress made for Ryna for a birthday present, size 2 and 4. I made these after recovering from HFMD alhamdulillah..

Two and three layer skirt was sewed using tiny little red flowers fabric that was used in Najwa Dress and some plain cream fabric.

Close-up picture of the front bodice. Peach fabric was used for the bodice and the red flowers fabric was sandwiched between the peach fabrics down the front chest. The peach fabric was once used to make this blouse (Amani Peach) as well as this My Ribbon Dress. Green button were sewn on the front bodice for embellishing while the front opening were closed with snap buttons.


All fabrics used for this Peach Layer Skirt were cotton except the cream color used for layering the skirt.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

SOLD!! PIPOP ready made.. Stripy Purple

Stripy Purple RM33 size:0 Suitable for 12 to 30 months old. Exclusive! piece only. 
(above: close-up picture of the back dress)
(below: Full picture of the dress)
 High quality English Cotton fabric. Round neck, with box pleats at the front and back bodice. Big purple flower dress with stripes printed fabric on the hem and neck.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mother-Daughter’s Blouse

Adult size blouse made for me =) with the same fabric as my daughters' blouses Every Sweetness Blouse that PIPOP had made before =). I traced one of my favourite blouses and use it as the pattern for this blouse. It's just a simple no fuss pattern, and what I love the most is the neckline.
If you noticed, the stripe fabric for this blouse was used in the Every Sweetness Blouse for the ruffles and hem.

Kimono-style neckline and a hanging ribbon down the chest =) added just for fun! I am happy!!

I actually added the polka dot fabric as the hem on the sleeves later because I found out that the sleeves length is not up to what I desired. And of course tha just made this blouse more and more...FUN!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Plain Light Brown Dress~upgraded

A plain colour from top to bottom, even the elastics on the shoulders were loose and need to be replaced. Big tied bow at the back, nothing outstand others.. Even more frustrated was when I saw other girl wearing this dress before my daughters had ever wear it. These dresses certainly need to be upgraded.

Big bow tied at the back bodice is prettier than before.. =)

Ribbon with flower printing was sewn along the waistline and way back to the end of tying ribbon and sequin flowers sewn on the front bodice. A hanging ribbon was also sewn under the existing flower. Now this dress is not the same as other girls' dresses..satisfied~~


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