Friday, 19 April 2013

Sara Pinky Ponky Peacock Dress


 Size 4

Made for Sara daughter of Pn. Idzura using the same fabric as her two other sisters =)

Back of the dress when sash tied.
Two tiered gown

Pleate bodice with two cream colour buttons

Large rosette flower on the left side of the waistline
The rosette and ruffles at the sleeves end.
Idzura Yusuf so cute!!

Idzura Yusuf smlm dah baru test pakai, nanti saya upload gambar masa hari event

So here is the picture

Aren't they the sweetest?

luv it.. luv it.. thousands of times more!!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tina Pinky Ponky Peacock Dress


 Size 2.
A dress made for Tina. Fabric sent from Pn. Idzura Yusuf, fully cotton.

The design and details were all by Pn. Idzura's creativity and they definitely looks gorgeous!

Wehee.. I am so excited!
Fully lined bodice
Two tiered gown

Ruffles at end of sleeves

Back bodice with zipper

Front bodice with buttons and ruffles

Her comments on fb:
Idzura Yusuf best!!! Kak, utk raya saya cop!!!! 
Idzura Yusuf oh my!!! So cute!!!


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dira Pinky Ponky Peacock Dress



I have been sooooo lazy to write but not so much in sewing so this is the backdated project but be prepared.. because this is a VERY lovely dress, and it had three pieces all together. The dress was made for three siblings for their birthday party and also aqiqah.

This dress is similar to Siska dress design but without the front opening but a zipper at the back bodice instead. Size 00 for baby Dira =)
The ribbon, bow and a vertical line are sewn as an embellishment. Luv it!

Idzura Yusuf super duper cute!!

Zipper is used as the back bodice closure. This picture shows a clearer view of the fabric design.
Bias tape sewn at the sleeves opening.
Three tiered gown.
A bow and ribbon on the front bodice

Idzura Yusuf eiii...geramnye!!! Rasa nak gigit

Luv.. luv..
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