Let's Shopping ready made @ PIPOP!!

Find out girls outfit that I had made (and still available) and you can have the chance to own it for your girl by buying it  from:


 Facebook album

Do you pay for at least.. RM50 for a girl's dress only to find out that your girls' dress is the same as that girl's dress! owh..what a pity coincidence!!

I am here for the solution, at a very affordable price, YOU can get a very pretty, unique and exclusive dress.. each and every time..

I can assure you that you will NOT find this dress anywhere else in the wholeWORLD since it is individually hand crafted, sewed with details that is not the same for each piece of clothing. Satisfy enough?

You can also order a custom made dress for your girls and I'll try my best to make your design dreams come true using available fabrics in store or if you prefer sending your choice of fabrics! It's all your call.. hope you can enjoy!

Please PM me on facebook or send me an email at raihan159@yahoo.com if u have any questions. tq

I'm waiting for your call!! =)

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