Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Abby Princess Dress

Bias tape on neck finishing

Shirred elastic cuffed sleeves

Buttons at back closure (pink and cream)
Another Princess Dress but this time, it's for Abby from Segamat, Johor.
Abby's mother had fall in love with Mardhiah's Princess Dress.
Mardhiah is actually her grandniece haha.. forgive my English.
Let me explain..
Pn. Rozini (Mardhiah's mother) is cousin with Abby. So, Mardhiah is grandniece to Abby's mother.
So copying the same design as Mardhiah's Dress, but using size 8 (Abby is 9y.o), we cut and sew the outfit.
Abby's mother asked me to choose the fabric myself with the only request "pick small patterns".
She did gave me a baju kurung for guide on the bodice size and a rope
which was cut according to the length of her daughter, from shoulder to the heel, for the dress length's guide.
Okay..enough chatting.. see ya!


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