Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Abby Princess Dress

Bias tape on neck finishing

Shirred elastic cuffed sleeves

Buttons at back closure (pink and cream)
Another Princess Dress but this time, it's for Abby from Segamat, Johor.
Abby's mother had fall in love with Mardhiah's Princess Dress.
Mardhiah is actually her grandniece haha.. forgive my English.
Let me explain..
Pn. Rozini (Mardhiah's mother) is cousin with Abby. So, Mardhiah is grandniece to Abby's mother.
So copying the same design as Mardhiah's Dress, but using size 8 (Abby is 9y.o), we cut and sew the outfit.
Abby's mother asked me to choose the fabric myself with the only request "pick small patterns".
She did gave me a baju kurung for guide on the bodice size and a rope
which was cut according to the length of her daughter, from shoulder to the heel, for the dress length's guide.
Okay..enough chatting.. see ya!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Aisyah Purple Flower Blouse


As we promised before..

This is the other piece with the same design for cute little Aisyah who is turning into 5 next November =)

Her blouse is size 4.

Plate neck, laces and contrast fabric for the waistline.



Saturday, 19 January 2013

Aisyah Green Abstract Blouse


A blouse that was made inspired by Purple Flower Dress, this is Green Abstract Blouse for Aisyah.
Her mother, a teacher Cikgi Razidah from Batu Pahat had ordered two pieces with the same design but using different fabric.

Fabrics used are English cotton (plate neck and waistline) and viscose cotton (main bodice).

The long sleeves' hem was finished with elastic.

Laces were sewn around the hemming of the short skirt and also on a part of the plate neck.
This is a very modest yet trendy blouse =) of course we need them both..
Wait for the another pieces k! Bye..


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nurin Retro Love Blouse


Retro is BACK!!

This time we made a blouse for a very cute and sweet little Nurin who is 2y.o and this blouse is size 2.
Pn.Iniey (a returned customer) ordered a blouse with the same design as Amani Peach Blouse BUT with long sleeves.
Still, PIPOP chose the fabric this time.
*to be honest I was a little afraid this time because I chose black and white colour fabric..
what if Pn.Iniey doesn't love the blouse?
What if she really hates dark colours?
Dup..dap..dup..dap.. my heart was pounding ever since I cut the fabric.........
............until I posted the finished blouse's pictures on FB.
Right after I tag Pn.Iniey the picture album on FB,
(she was online-which I didn't aware of)
she automatically "Like" all the pictures!
Hah~~ I was so relieved..

Three buttons, two hot pink buttons and one soft pink button.

Ruffles by the sides of the buttons
Neck finishing ~ sewn with shiny silver and black lace

Cuffed hands ~ long sleeves ~ hot pink buttons ~ love it ~
The blouse hem, finished with double stitches =)



Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mardhiah Princess Dress


This is a dress that was made paired with Atiqah Princess Dress.
But there are some differences since this is size 4, for Mardhiah who is 5y.o, Pn. Rozini asked me to make the sleeves long and shirred with elastics at the end of the sleeves.

Another difference is, the bodice closure used is a zipper while Atiqah's dress used colourful buttons =).
Other details were all the same..
So sweet.. so adorable.. so princess.. perfect for loved ones.
The dress was sewn with fitted bodice, and down to the knees skirt.

The skirt is specially design with a little slope at the edges.

The neck is embellished with lace, sewn around it.
The front waistline is also embellished with lace.

And still.. I adore the fabric print..muah..muah..

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