Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Every Sweetness Blouse

I am very excited today because I'm going to share with you this blouse that I named Every Sweetness Blouse =). I called it as it is because it had twirl-y ruffles, polka-dot and stripes printing and pleats on the skirt in purple colour. Added with sequin flower in purple as well =) made this blouse perfect!
I reaally love the finished blouses because they are more gorgeous than I have picturised in mind before =) alhamdulilllah..
The fabric was actually given as a present from my parents for me, but I can't imagine myself within the nearest time wearing polka-dot baju kurung or dress. The first reason is I'm not into polka-dot and secondly I cannot stand bumping into others wearing the same printing clothing huhu..
That is why I made the blouse so unique and exclusive that no other will have the same design as this blouse (if we ever bump into someone else wearing the same print fabric clothes.. which I pray that we won't) =)

Okay, now we'll talk about the blouse.
The Every Sweetness Blouse was made to knee length and long sleeves which made it modest. The sleeves were made puffed at the shoulder and at the joining with another rectangle piece of fabric for straight long sleeves.
The twirl ruffles were made not by cutting rectangles but cutting with a wavy shape strip fabric and gathered in the middle and sewn in twirl direction. Maybe I can make tutorial on this later =)
The skirt is gathered with pleats. The hem line is sewn with stripe fabric (the same fabric as the ruffles), and for the sweet finish, I sew two readymade purple embroidered sequin flowers on one side of the skirt floor. One higher and another one is lower.

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