Saturday, 28 April 2012

Love Dress

In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful
I love the fullness of this Love Dress. I named it after those 3 two-layer love appliqué. The appliqué was sewn in the middle of the love shape which made it look like its flying! =)
Well.. love is in the air..=))
This dress was actually made in a rush because we were invited to a birthday party in last minute. I design this dress to match an available dress that was embellished with the same flying love appliqué. But why?
Because.. the party was to celebrate two sisters, 3 and 1 y.o. This love dress was made for the 1 y.o. birthday girl. I couldn't quite remember their names though =(
Okay, back to the Love Dress..
The dress was shirred on the bodice, the shoulder strap was slightly gathered on the joining with the bodice piece, and a butterfly sleeves was added to the straps.. As you can see, the shoulder straps were made with a stripy pattern fabric, and this is also used on the skirt floor. This stripy fabric is a bit robust, when it's doubled on the floor skirt, it makes the skirt to stay full. And I can say that this is one of the beauties of this dress.
Hopefully the birthday girls are happy with their presents from us, that made by me, presenting PIPOP. That's all for now..see you all later insyaAllah..


Friday, 27 April 2012

PIPOP Shiny Day

Allahumma solli 'ala saiyidina Muhammad
Is it sunny out there? Because this dress will surely make your day a SHINY DAY!..
A sleeveless gown size 4 made for Imana, and her mother had chosen this fabric available from PIPOP store. Fully lined bodice, a full gathered skirt and a contrast stripe pattern fabric really makes this dress complete. But the addition of a big flower on the waistline made this dress outstanding!
What more can a little sweet girl asked for when she already wears this dress? Haah~~
Love it.. but had to let it go for a new owner who will shine the day..

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Ribbon Dress

Assalamualaikum and bismillahirrahmanirrahiiim
One of my favourite dress so far.. sweet.. but not forgetting the statement by the big ribbon on the front bodice. The dress is completed with puffed sleeves, box pleated skirt, and contrasting fabric on the skirt's floor. This dress colour is not too outstanding but the ribbon will surely catch one's eyes. in PIPOP facebook =)
A very catchy dress where your daughter's eyes won't blink while looking at it. A BIIG ribbon on the front bodice is the main attraction but not forgetting the box pleat on the knee-high skirt. Completed with puffed sleeves, My Ribbon Dress is very girly ok~~ =)

GreenGreenGrass Dress

These dresses have been using fabric Italian Viscose and it feels soft, flowy and cold when touched. It was ordered by Rahmatul Hidayah for her two princesses Amani 2y.o and Asfa 6months old. It was requested to follow the exact same as Pinkish Dress (made for my princesses). The only difference is that she doesn't want the neck to be as wide as The Pinkish Dress.
So here they are..
Shirred on bodice and cuffs but for the baby, the cuff is so short so I skip the shirring on it. The skirts are trapezium shape makes them so sweet when worn.
For an extra special dress (which I was told these dress will be worn in a wedding as a flower girl) I added a sequin embroidered green flower on the bodice. For sure, this dress will stand out in front of any other dress =) hope so! hihi..
These are one sweet dress with super comfy fabric and pretty special design. Love it. Hopefully they'll love it too!!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Amani Peach

I've been busy with schedule on orders and I love every seconds of it =).
Now sewing for girls is like addiction to me =) but sure this addiction is not bad at ALL right?
This blouse has been sold to Ama for her 2y.o Amani before I have the chance to name it. So Amani Peach sounds perfect for it. I love the clean design and the sweet soft peach colour and I love the ruffles and I love the big buttons so I can say that I LOVE every little thing about this blouse =) too bad I have to let it go..
Hopefully one day Ama can upload one pic of Amani wearing this blouse. Amani is a very cute and sweet girl just FYI..
Bye for now..just enjoy the pic k..

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