Monday, 26 November 2012

Abang-Adik Morocco Pyjama

Please welcome Abang-Adik Morocco Pyjama!!

I can say that the size of these pyjamas are size 2 and size 8.

Order from Dr. Lina from Hosp. Sultan Ismail, JB/Kulai. Two Morocco Pyjamas, for Abang and Adik.
She gave me a pair of Baju Kurung and a pair of Baju Melayu as the size guide for me.

This is the first time I sewn a Morocco Pyjama for girl , but that's ok, I just need to use fabric with pink colour and printing as requested by Dr. Lina.

For Abang, I used cotton fabric that is usually used for men's shirt. A very high quality cotton used for both pyjamas.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Nurin ReFreshing Blouse


This blouse was ordered by Pn. Iniey from Tg. Malim for her 2 y.o daughter.
She had bought the Blue Love Dress and needs a long sleeves blouse or her daughter.
I'm doing this business in concern that there are not much of decent clothing that suits muslim children without forgetting the up-to-date fashion.
Pn. Iniey gave me full trust on picking the fabric and the design. The only guide she gave was:
she wanted a fresh colour fabric,
and a collar,
and long sleeves (of course)
So the results is..

Lace sewn around the collar..sweet..

Pin tuck details on the front bodice

Multi colour buttons =)

Back of the blouse



Friday, 16 November 2012

Morocco Pyjama


This is a pyjama, same design as the first pyjama made on the 'PIPOP for Boys' entry.
After I had made the first pyjama for my son, my sister in law had seen it and ask me where have I bought the pyjama? She had told me that she had been looking for the same design at one online shop before Hari Raya. But when she decided to buy it, it had already sold out.. Actually it's called Jubah Morocco means that it doesn't have trousers, instead, the top is longer (down to the knees). Do you know what the price of that Jubah Morocco is? Size 0 (1yr)
(for me la...)
Maybe for others ( cheap!!) hehe..

So I volunteer myself to make one piece for my niece, Syamil, a pyjama instead of jubah.
So here it is, along with my son's and Zaki;s (another niece) pairs.

Three pairs of pyjamas

A very natural colours combined for the top and pants

Zaki in his pyjama


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Stripy Green Dress


Not too recent project from me =)
Size 4
It was made for sale, and already sold..alhamdulillah..

Length to the knee

English and Viscose Cotton
Plate neck


Monday, 5 November 2012

FOR SALE!! Walking Blouse

Size 4 (RM36) Japanese/English Cotton Grade A

This is blouse is named after the pictures printed on the fabric.
It's some rabbits having a walk with their pets =) They surely looks happy right? =)

The blouse has Peter Pan collar and two BIG peach colour buttons and a small button hiding under the collar.

Back view of the blouse.
This is a very modest blouse but still doesn't leave the sweetness factors that needed for a girl =)
Bias fabric sewn on the sleeves hem.

I love it, and I love the coffee colour of the blouse..soo...creamy hihi..


Saturday, 3 November 2012

FOR SALE!! Purples and Ruffles Blouse


Size 4, Cotton (body) and viscose cotton (ruffles) RM35

This blouse is not a very long blouse. Its length is right on the butt line.
It's very breezy and also suitable if worn as cardigan.

Two BIG hazel colour buttons sewn at the front bodice.

One OVERsize flower also sewn on the right chest. 
Lots of ruffles on the hem all the way from the right side and around, to the left side.


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