Saturday, 24 March 2012

Picking Flower Dress

Assalamualaikum my dear readers.. =)
This time I will show you what I did to this dress haha..sounds like I had done something bad to something else. Actually I'm quite happy from what the outcome is =) I started by shirring the bodice about 5 to 6 inches down from the chest.

Shoulder strap was also made by shirring a piece of cloth a bit wider on the shoulder to make it looks like a butterfly wing.

On the skirt, I added a shirred pocket on the right side. For a little more surprise =) I sewed two stems of roses pops out from the pocket. Already picked some flowers? So..perfect! Your girl will happily run, jump and explore the bushes in this comfy dress but don't forget to put on the mosquito repellent first!

My 5y.o daughter wears it and the skirt nearly touch the heels so you can figure your daughter in it right? Additionally, this dress is stretchy so it can suits your daughter years after years..
Okay..that's it for least.. insyaAllah will see you next time!


Monday, 19 March 2012

Siska Dress

Assalamualaikum.. =)
Today I would like to show not my latest project but still recent and it's called Siska Dress, complimentary of my niece's name~Siska. What a nice name right? And..of course this dress was made for her!!
Using Swiss Cotton fabric, this very cute dress size 00 is for 6months old baby. Actually the colour is a very bright red (camera not so good..) so I decided to softened the colour by mixing it with soft pink fabric with stripes printing.

These two pictures have one difference and surely you can immediately spot it.
I thought that the dress was done after embellishing it with the bow but I can't help myself from thinking of something else needed to be added to the dress as something is not quite right. So I tried to add something, searching for ideas from what available in hands, then I spot a straight cut scrap fabric and I know that this had to be the bow's hanging ribbon. I zigzag stitch the sides of fabric, same as what I did to the bow, and hand stitch the ribbon to the back of the bow.'s done and I'm satisfied enough to pass it to Siska for wearing.. does this makes you dizzy hehehe.. sorry.. only that I myself having quite a headache solving this.
Siska Dress is a three tiered skirt with a slightly left side-opening bodice. I finished the side-opening with the pink fabric bias, as well as the end of cuffs and under the arm for uniqueness =)
Have I told you lately (that I love you..*song*) that the dresses I made were exclusive and will not be replicated? Even if the design is same, the fabric won't. So be sure and satisfied enough that your princesses have the one and only dress in the world unless you wanted it to be the same for siblings or special occasion..of course I'll be happy to do it for you.. PIPOP is a dress-making boutique with a factory making price.
Okay..back to Siska Dress..
Hopefully this will nicely and sweetly suits Siska and her mother will love it because at her age, Siska won't notice a thing about her dress..hmm~~


Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone.. =)
Does anybody miss me? Haha..I'm talking only to myself..It's okay..hopefully there are silent readers to my blog..
Today I will present a dress from English Cotton, with tiny red shade flowers that I had made for my niece, daughter of Dr. Murniza (my cousin) and Mr. Azlimi. Actually my cousin had gave me a permission to made a dress for her daughter with no direct order on which design but open to my creativity. The only requests are the dress had to have sleeves and a calf-height gown. Sounds easy right? Huh..well actually it's not..
I brainstormed (really?) =) myself to come out with new design, other than what I had made before so….this is the result!!!! I really hope the mother and daughter will loooove it.

This is a dress with lots of ruffles, celebrating Najwa's curly hair =) hopefully I can upload one of her photo later..showing her curlllyy hair sweet..
NajwaDress is a kimono-style bodice with a gathered skirt. The dress has puffed sleeves and at the end of the sleeves were pleated and added with a layer of lycra (jersey)same as the ruffles, just to pop-out the colour. The ruffles were made with a very soft and flowy lycra with pink-purplish tones.
For extra fun, I added organza-flower-ribbon curled with white beads on the waistline, continued with elastic shirred at the back bodice.

Now..enjoy the pictures =))

My daughter wears the dress..but is it NajwaDress? Oopss..sorry Najwa.. Mak Ngah just want to show the shirred back bodice..


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pinky Ponky Dollies

This post is specially dedicated to..Dollies..!!

My girls has so many dollies..from soft dollies, talking and singing battery operated dollies, stuffed animals, teddy bears..from small to large sizes. With that amount of dollies, certainly not every dollies were played enough with..but that's the beauty of being a child..u won't get enough of everything..only that we as parents had to teach them now and then, how to save and reuse what we already had in hands. Okay.. enough talking!
As promised before.. I upload here the dollies' dresses that I had made for my girls. The matching dress with these dollies called Candy is Pinkish Maxi Dress while for Barbie, the matching dresses is the BlackWhite Dress. What a happy day when u can dress your dollies with the same dress as yours!

The dresses were made with short sleeves and heel high gown. The gown is a long one piece cloth in trapezium shape, same as the Pinkish Maxi Dress.

The Barbie dress had two tiered gown, heel height, and ruffles on the bodice line for the BlackWhite barbie and elastics on chest and waist for Purple barbie.
Come back soon! Hopefully this post had inspired all of you to just take some time and made a mini dress for your girls' dollies! Good luck =) u can do it! Bye..

Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Rose Blouse

My Rose Blouse

My Rose Blouse

Assalamualaikum and how are u my friends out there? Hope all of u are fine and smiling =) right now..

This post I’m gonna share with u the latest project for my two girls. It’s called My Rose Blouse.
The material is again cotton =) coz I’m in love with it!  Plus it is easier to handle and comfy for my two active girls. The print is in English red roses (dahh..) Only the sleeves are jersey.
It’s a blouse knee high for Hanis and a little shorter for Jannah. I made the sleeves long this time since my girls are growing.. and I think soon short sleeves are not suitable for them anymore (except at home).

These blouses were made with some room for growing in mind. The sleeves are cut longer than their actual hands length thus I just made elastic cuffs to cater them. The blouse length are also low, made it modest and can be wear a lot longer even when they suppose to have outgrown it. Savings for me.. =)
I made the neck opening too wide (again) for Hanis so I covered it by adding some shoulder cover (if u noticed) just to made it some sort of pretty details.

I actually told them that this will be their next Hari Raya blouse (am I too ambitious? Hihi.. ) but oohh my girls can’t hardly be patient.. they already wore them last weekend aahhh.. its okay though.. because nothing can explain the feelings when seeing my children wearing clothing that I sewed myself.. haahhh~~
Till we meet again in another post..keep yourself happy =)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stripy Red Garden

Assalamualaikum and how r u my friends!!?
Today I am so excited because I want to share with you this new design that I called Stripy Red Garden =).
The fabrics are a combination of Red Garden fabric with a pink-tone stripe printed fabric.

The front bodice is added with pleats. The neck is embellished with embroidery on the right chest as well as the back neck on the left side. The stripe is also attached at the bottom of the gown and added with tulip ribbon on the joining. What I can say about it is, the ribbon completes the dress =). The dress has a red ruby button at back.
It was made for size 2 where when 2 y.o girl wears it, it will touch the heel but for 3, 4 or even a skinny 5 y.o girl (like Hanis) wears it, it will touch the knees or a little lower (calf).

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Red Garden II

Hi everyone!! another version of Red Garden maxi dress is here =)
This time there is no flower in front of the dress but THREE flying hearts!! And.. the back bodice details are ruffles and frog eyes sweet..
See the dress for yourself.. I don't think I have to explain so much coz pictures says a thousand words..

Bye now.. love u all!!
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