Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Red Garden

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to all my friends..
I have been sewing these maxi dresses since January and here are the outcomes. Hopefully u all enjoy!
There are several versions of the dress which I purposely done in order to make each and every piece of the dress special.

The first version is embellished with one big flower In the middle of the bodice line, right under the pin tuck details.  The dress’s gown has two tiered and is heel height length which makes every girls a princess =).

This dress is embellished with pin tuck on the front bodice and ruffles with gold lining on the bodice line for more sweetness =). The gown is also two tiered with heel height.

This next dress is embellished with two cute rosette flowers on the right side of the bodice and vertical pin tuck in the middle of the bodice. Same gown pattern and buttons at back (which is also same as others).

These two dresses are made earlier at the same time for my two nieces age 2+yrs and another is 5mnths. The first bodice is plain but I have added a large 5 layers flower with uneven length red ribbon hanging under the flower which made it more sweet.. =).The other dress is embellished with two cute flowers hand-stitched with pink thread to make it more pop-out! These two dresses are also heel height.
I am proudly presenting my modest works here so I can share and probably hear what u will say. Any comments are most welcome! =)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pinkish Maxi Dress

These are my daughters dress during last Hari Raya which I made from 4m of cotton fabric. It made enough for them, with some leftover which was perfect for their dolls called Candy. I’ll upload the picture of the dolls dress later insyaAllah..

For both, the design is almost the same. Shirred bodice and ruffles cuffed results from sewing with the elastic thread. Except that I had added a short ruffles joining on the shoulder for Hanis since I had cut out the neck opening too wide. Too bad I don't have the picture..
The gown is a trapezium shape which forms a gown with two longer kinds-of edging on each side when standing. Can U understand what I was trying to say? Hihi.. =)
Maybe U can understand from the pictures..hopefully!

These are my daughters enjoying their new Pinkish dress =) aren’t they both sweet?
    Sometimes they do look alike.. although they really not. Afterall they are sisters!
See u all on my next post! Take care..

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BlackWhite dress

First post from me =)

Two little BlackWhite dresses for my 5 and 6 yrs old girls.

Made from 4m cotton fabrics, made enough for two dresses with some leftover which is perfect for their barbie doll dress. Owh...their adorable =0 oppss..did I just compliment my own work? hihi..sorry..can't help it =)

For Hanis, the dress has ruffles on bodice line, besides the large crystal light brown button, and crossways down the gown -diagonally. And you can see an extra BIG ruffles flower on the upper part of the gown. Not to forget, ruffles on cuffs made from sewing with elastic thread.

Can you see the flower? and what's she's holding?yes? then u must have a very good eyes since this is not a very nice pic of it =)

This is the 2nd BlackWhite dress for my daughter Jannah, 6. The dress has ruffles besides the buttons, across the middle of the gown and cuffs. Added with TWO BIG ruffle flowers.

Hanis does not want a matching barbie dress.. instead she chose other purple stash fabric I hv from sewing my mother's baju kurung. She even design her dress herself! not with a neat pic (of course) but I get it.

Jannah's barbie dress can clearly be seen here, and she even dress-it-up with white beads necklace and a pink tiara =) ..can I have one too?



Assalamu'alaikum and Greetings from me.. raihan from PIPOP. I hope to share my hobby turns passion in sewing and cooking for my families and friends. Please be free to share your thoughts with me =) coz i love comments.

My du'a is I will have time to maintain this blog.



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